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What colors should I use?

Dark and Earthy

Desert landscapes have thrilling and dramatic contrast outlook, and so is its color scheme. This scheme involves shades of plum and reddish-orange which portray a more toned down than garish and bright combinations. This scheme will make your prints fascinating.

Watery blue and greens

This scheme portrays an outdoor-like feel, combining the vibrancy of the blue sea and calm of natural vegetation. Besides, the bluish shades at the bottom and the top of this selection contain gray undertones, making your prints look exotic and neutral.

Icy blues and grays

Contrasting warm grays infused with cool glacial blues are great in making a dynamic color scheme that is both soothing and visually interesting compared to the drab grays and blues. If you want prints that are more restrained, consider these brighter hues instead of the navy blue and dark gray.

Red and green hues

Red and green make a pair that is among the three pairs of opposite colors featured on the traditional color wheel; others being violet/yellow and orange/blue. These colors make a high contrast, a striking impression that can appear a little jerky if you don’t use them carefully. You can make your prints more captivating by toning down and balancing the red and green.

Warm grays with a yellow

Pops of golden yellow with warm grays are great not only for your fine prints but also on home decors, visual design, and interior design among many other applications that require a vibrant outlook. Grey looks inviting while yellow adds the cheerfulness everyone wants to see in your prints.

Chocolate brown and red

Brown is often dismissed as bland and boring. However, combining brown with some red and a touch of violet undertones leaves your prints full and rich in color.

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